Sunday, May 31, 2009

My 1955 Empire travel trailer


I recently purchased this 1955 Empire 12' travel trailer for the sole purpose of satisfying my desire to have a old canned ham style trailer. I've always had a passion for these style trailers. I've also come to the conclusion that as I get older my idea of camping has changed. I know longer want to "setup camp" with my tent and accesories. I'm looking forward to pulling into my spot and "setup camp" with my vintage trailer. I've spent the last few months doing a mild restoration in order to make it usable. My mild restoration includes a new dinette table and countertops in a gray boomerang formica, new cushions, new water tank, new or restored fixtures, restored original 3 burner stove, restored original icebox, new black and white checkerboard flooring, added shelving in the closet, restoration of the entry door, replacement of cargo doors, fresh temporary paint, stripping of the old blue paint on windows and polishing the frames and reassembling with new gaskets. The original birch interior is actually in really good condition with the only evidence of prior water damage around the vent area. This was my first attempt at a trailer restoration and I look forward to the next one. I eventually would like to find a 50's Shasta 12 footer. I have enjoyed the parts hunting and entire experience thus far. I'm looking for fellow Empire trailer owners or any information about them. Hope you enjoy.